Books and Stuff


Just a quick status update about my website, which I spent the last weekend overhauling in an attempt to pull things together and get a little more organized. In particular, I have added two new rubrics: “Books” and “Stuff” (comprising videographic, digital, and creative projects). Take a look here:

New Website:

2015-12-05 05.14.33 pm.png

Some of you may have noticed a new tab at the top right of this page, labeled “” Surprisingly enough, that’s also the name of my new website: In case you’re wondering, though, this blog is not going anywhere. The website, which is pretty sparse at the moment, provides a more general landing site, while the blog will continue to provide updates on current and upcoming events and issues of more topical relevance — it will continue, in other words, to do what blogs do. The website, on the other hand, offers me the chance to do some things that aren’t supported on a wordpress site. I plan to add some more interesting rubrics soon, so stop by occasionally and check it out.

New Website: Duke S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab

2015-02-06 05.29.38 pm

The S-1 Speculative Sensation Lab at Duke University, with which I have had the honor of collaborating on an exciting set of art/tech/theory projects over the past couple of months, has a new website:

It’s still under development at this point, but you can already get an idea of the kind of work that’s going on in the lab, under the direction of Mark B. N. Hansen and Mark Olson. Check it out!

2015-02-03 06.27.18 pm