Making Mining Networking: Video Documentation

Above, some video documentation of the pieces included in Making Mining Networking, the exhibition that Karin and I have going on until September at Duke University. As I posted recently, the augmented reality platform we used to make the interactive components (Metaio) has been sold to Apple and will be going offline at the end of the year. All the more reason to document everything now — but until December 15 you can still try out the pieces yourself, either in person at the exhibition or on your own computer screen with a smart device (see the images here)!

The (generative, network-driven) music is from the project “Listen to Wikipedia,” by Hatnote — which seemed a perfect match for the theme of Making Mining Networking!

Marx QR

The New Krass


Karin + Shane Denson
24″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

Upon scanning this QR painting, a digital rendering of a hand-sculpted Karl Marx Gnome appears in augmented space. The physical gnome, which is made out of solid concrete and can be seen in the window display to the left, was scanned with photogrammetric techniques and brought back into the digital realm as a 3D object. This piece, like all of the works collected in “Making Mining Networking,” reflects on the contemporary boundary between physical, virtual, and augmented spaces and seeks to link this theme with questions about “immaterial labor” and the mining of our digital activity.

Schnappschuss (2015-05-06 07.58.51)

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Network Ecologies Exhibition: Sneak Preview


Above, a sneak peak at some of the work that Karin and I have been preparing for the Network Ecologies exhibition at The Edge, Duke University, April 20 – May 10, 2015. The paintings you see here are functioning QR codes (but the programming has not been finalized yet, hence the oblique presentation here). When finished, they will activate a variety of contents and scenarios that have to do with the theme of Network Ecologies. More info soon!