Out Now: Network Ecologies


Network Ecologies is a great new open-access collection edited by Amanda Starling Gould and Florian Wiencek and published by the Duke Franklin Humanities Institute. The collection takes advantage of the Scalar publishing platform to include a variety of media alongside scholarly texts. Among other things, it includes a collection of artworks by Karin Denson and myself, which we developed for an exhibit at Duke in 2015 (also organized by Amanda Starling Gould) and which grew out of a collaboration with the Duke S-1: Speculative Sensation Lab. There is also an archive of videos from a 2013 symposium, including contributions from Jussi Parikka, Mark Hansen, Stephanie Boluk, Patrick LeMieux, and many others. Lots of great things to discover here–check it out!


The Gnomes of #Netcologies

The New Krass


Karin + Shane Denson
20″ x 20″
Acrylic on canvas

This painting unlocks seven geolocated augmented reality (AR) gnomes that you can discover outside the building. Just follow the brief instructions that appear on your device after scanning the QR code. Enjoy your walk and share your screenshots on twitter with the hashtag #netcologies.



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The Gold Standard

The New Krass


Karin + Shane Denson
30″ x 30″
Pennies on Canvas

The pennies arranged here form a functional QR code. The composition reflects on the dissolution of the gold standard and the transition to the fictitious capital of data-driven finance.


It’s on display now through August at The Edge, Bostock Library, Duke University.

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“The Magical Marx-Markov Manifesto Maker”

The New Krass


Karin + Shane Denson
24″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

This QR painting directs the user’s browser to a website that mines the text of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels from 1884. The piece uses Markov chains to process the text, allowing the user to generate new, sometimes humorous or surprising statements.

With the “juniao” app on your phone or tablet, you can scan this QR and check it out.

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“Karl Marx Gnome leading the liberation of the world’s Data Gnomes”

The New Krass


Karl Marx Gnome leading the liberation of the world’s Data Gnomes

Karin + Shane Denson
Solid concrete

The six “Data Gnomes” are simultaneously products and agents of data mining. Their faces were hand-sculpted in accordance with a data-capture process, utilizing Luke Caldwell’s “benevolent spyware” for the purpose of generating “Data Portraits” on the basis of personal Internet usage. The hand-sculpted Karl Marx Gnome leads the resistance of the miners, demonstrating that “all that’s solid does NOT melt into zeroes and ones.” For more info about the process and motivation for making these gnomes, be sure to scan the “Tutorial Level” painting (a QR code painting with the word “START” in green letters), which you’ll find hanging near the entrance of the exhibition space or in a previous post on this blog.


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Network Ecologies Arts in the Edge


Poster for the Network Ecologies exhibition, which pairs Rebecca Norton‘s affine geometry-based work with the data-driven, generative, and AR-enhanced pieces that Karin and I have assembled under the title “Making Mining Networking.”

Opening event next Monday, April 20, 2015:

Full Schedule
All events in the Edge Workshop Room unless otherwise specified

2:00: Exhibit Opens (Edge Open Lab), Artists available for questions

3:00 Formal events begin: Welcome & Introduction

3:30 Artist Talk, Shane + Karin Denson + Q&A
4:00 Artist Talk, Rebecca Norton + Q&A

4:30 Mini Hands-on Digital Arts Workshop with Artist Rebecca Norton – make your own digital affine image!

Reception to follow.


More info here: http://sites.duke.edu/digital/training-events/

Network Ecologies Exhibition: Sneak Preview


Above, a sneak peak at some of the work that Karin and I have been preparing for the Network Ecologies exhibition at The Edge, Duke University, April 20 – May 10, 2015. The paintings you see here are functioning QR codes (but the programming has not been finalized yet, hence the oblique presentation here). When finished, they will activate a variety of contents and scenarios that have to do with the theme of Network Ecologies. More info soon!