DEMO Video: Post-Cinema: 24fps@44100Hz

As Karin posted yesterday (and as I reblogged this morning), our collaborative artwork Post-Cinema: 24fps@44100Hz will be on display (and on sale) from January 15-23 at The Carrack Modern Art gallery in Durham, NC, as part of their annual Winter Community Show.

Exhibiting augmented reality pieces always brings with it a variety of challenges — including technical ones and, above all, the need to inform viewers about how to use the work. So, for this occasion, I’ve put together this brief demo video explaining the piece and how to view it. The video will be displayed on a digital picture frame mounted on the wall below the painting. Hopefully it will be both eye-catching enough to attract passersby and it will effectively communicate the essential information about the process and use of the work.

“The Magical Marx-Markov Manifesto Maker”

The New Krass


Karin + Shane Denson
24″ x 24″
Acrylic on Canvas

This QR painting directs the user’s browser to a website that mines the text of “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels from 1884. The piece uses Markov chains to process the text, allowing the user to generate new, sometimes humorous or surprising statements.

With the “juniao” app on your phone or tablet, you can scan this QR and check it out.

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