Glitchesarelikewildanimals at BAM!

The New Krass


Our video glitchesarelikewildanimals! will be showing today at the BAM! Festival in Hengelo, Netherlands.

Karin + Shane Denson
Glitches are unstable, highly volatile creatures. They mutate in response to their environments, e.g. transforming when moved to a different computational platform or played back in a different software package. Glitches have to be stabilized, “captured” – prompting one practitioner to proclaim “glitches are like wild animals.” Strange beasts indeed! But all digital video files are something like latent glitches — or temporarily domesticated animals: in effect, glitches merely show us the truth about digital video as an essentially generative system, magnifying the interstitial spaces that post-cinematic machineries fill in with their own affective materialities. Glitches show us that though a string of zeroes and ones remains unchanged as it streams through these systems, we can yet never cross the same stream twice… glitchesarelikewildanimals! is part of a larger multimedia…

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