“Popular Seriality” Theme Week at In Media Res

In the week of December 12-16, 2011, members of the DFG Research Unit “Popular Seriality — Aesthetics and Practice” will be organizing a theme week, itself entitled “Popular Seriality,” over at In Media Res. Each day’s contribution, consisting of a video clip of up to three minutes accompanied by a short essay of 300-350 words, is designed to serve as a conversation starter aimed at involving a broad audience in discussion of key topics relating to our current research.

To participate in the discussion, you will need to register beforehand at In Media Res. (Registration is simple, but it can sometimes take a while for user accounts to be generated, so it is recommended that you register early.)

Here is the lineup of presenters/curators for the theme week, along with our tentative titles:

Monday, Dec 12: Frank Kelleter
“That Soothing Balm of Latent Discontent: MAD MEN Unstresses the 21st Century”
Tuesday, Dec 13: Shane Denson and Ruth Mayer
“Plurimediality and the Serial Figure”
Wednesday, Dec 14: Jason Mittell
“Serial Characterization and Inferred Interiority”
Thursday, Dec 15: Andreas Jahn-Sudmann
“TV Series, Metaseriality and the Very Special Episode”
Friday, Dec 16: Daniel Stein
“Authorizing Alternative Authorships: The Popular Serialities of Superhero Blockbuster Spoofs”




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