Eternal Shame

Above, video from UC Davis yesterday, in which heavily armed police officers brutally pepper-spray peaceful protestors at close range. Watch the whole video, though, for an incredible show of solidarity. The incident has prompted Assistant Professor Nathan Brown (Department of English, Program in Critical Theory at University of California at Davis) to post this open letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, calling for her resignation.

The pain these officers inflicted will subside, but thanks to Youtube, the shame of their deeds is eternal. The world is watching.

See BoingBoing for more background and another video from an alternative POV.

3 responses to “Eternal Shame

  1. On friday, November 18th, 14 students were arrested aftercamping on campus at UCLA. I believe that the fact that occupy has gained so much momentum on campuses in CA is also a result of a protest culture that has been growing for a long time. When I was there in May, students where protesting for a passing of the Dream Act, allowing undocumented students access to financial aid. I was shocked by how University students in the United States are seriously threatened by hunger and homelessness. Students who protest against the State Universities’ lack of public funding etc. also stand in for their undocumented peers, who are denied their right to public speech. Thanks, Shane, for posting the video and giving me a chance to contribute.

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