Film & TV Reading Group

In connection with the Initiative für interdisziplinäre Medienforschung, Florian Groß and Shane Denson are planning a film and television reading group, open to interested students, PhD candidates, and faculty members alike. Beginning in the coming winter semester, we plan to meet regularly to discuss classic and contemporary texts in film and television studies (including both general theoretical texts and more narrowly focused, applied studies as well). Both readings and discussions can be in German or English, and texts will be chosen according to the interests and needs of the participants. In order to get a first assessment of who might be interested, as well as what kinds of topics participants are interested in, we would like to meet once in the remainder of the summer semester and discuss possibilities and plans for next semester. Our preliminary meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 13 at 2:15 pm in room 608 (6th floor Conti-Hochhaus). For more information, please contact Shane Denson (see the “About” page for contact info).

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